Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can't wait for my new toy

Being computerless, SUCKS.

I can't blog, catch up with people, browse, check e-mail, read up on what's happening around the world or listen to Pandora.

A while back, my hubby and I agreed that he would let me use his laptop if I let him use my desktop computer, so that he'd have two computers. I like the freedom and mobility of the laptops better. But a few months ago, probably about five months ago or more (I've lost count), the laptop started smelling (as if it were burning) and all of a sudden it started smoking! I quickly closed the computer off and thought I would let it cool down, after I imeediately took out the battery - apparently not long enough. So I went ahead and tried turning the computer on again and the screen would not turn on. I could see lights on (signs that the computer was on), but nothing was happening. At that moment I decided that the computer was no more, especially after the smell and smoke. I was very sad to part with my dear computer.

So after that incident, I've been trying to find something to fill its void. I've been staying at the gym a little longer and coming home late (too late at times) and have been exhausted, too tired to even check e-mail on my desktop. Sometimes I would read, other times watching tv (mainly Food Network or watching NCIS re-runs, lots of re-runs); but it's still not the same. I've missed blogging.

So hopefully, within the next month, I'll have the opportunity to get another laptop. Ahh, my relaxation time will come back to me once more. :)

On a completely random and different note, as of last week, I have lost a total of 45pounds. It feels SO good! I'm getting closer to goal, just have to focus 1 lb at a time.
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