Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Failure Makes You Stronger – Say What?

As my first official return to WW, I was hit with shock when I entered my points for a Roasted Turkey sandwich from Subway. On the old plan, a veggie sandwich was 4 and now it's 6; a turkey was 5 and now 7.  Part of me forgot that I was on the new plan and had the "what the heck?" come out.  "It's supposed to be 4 for the veggie, not 6!  How can a turkey be 7?"  Points shocker has gotten to me more than I thought.

Up until I'd reached goal February 2010, life was pretty great.  I was regularly going to the gym after work (despite that the commute from work to the gym is 1 hour); both my husband and I were working.  We had a little extra money for fun.  Once I hit goal, life seemed to spiral downward and I struggled a bit to deal with my weight.  My husband got laid off and we really had to stick to budget and begin being frugal.  Frugal meant that I had to monitor how much gas I was using.  Those extra 20 miles round trip to the gym were cutting way too much into the gas bill; and eating out came to a complete halt.

After much stress and worry, along with some extra unwanted pounds, I'm back on WW, even if just for a little bit.  I want to get back in control before my weight really begins to spiral in a direction I don't ever want to go back to.

Failure has taught me more about myself - who I am and want to be.  It's taught me patience, motivation, prioritization, faith, flexibility and coupon clipping.  I've learned how I want to feel; to be motivated by my successes; and more importantly, to be honest with myself.  I've learned to treasure the little things in life and get back to my basics.

I got a happy unexpected surprise tonight as I walked from my car to my house – I found a $1 bill on the ground with no one around to claim it.  How about that? Smile

Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. 
– Joshua J. Marine

What's failure taught you?


Heidi Leanne said...

Loving your last quote!

Good luck with all your goals! Its so much harder on a budget, though, isn't it!? Harder is just a challenge to do better, not an obstacle to make you stumble!

Ruthy said...

Thanks for your kind words, Heidi. Yes, it's definitely more difficult when on a strict budget. You simply have to get creative, that's all; and some days it's difficult to do that, too. But all that's left is to keep trying, right?

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