Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chocolate Caramel Tart UPdate

It worked, it worked!!  After my last post, I checked up on the tart after I’d stuck it in the fridge for three hours and it finally set!  I briefly touched the chocolate shell last night to make sure it set, and I was uberly pleased!  I came home tonight and found that a little mouse had delved into my chocolate tart!


So before the little mouse took more of it, I served myself up a piece to try out the new recipe.




Oh man, I must say it was deliciously worth the wait!  MigL (I mean, the little mouse) didn’t care for the caramel.  I, on the other hand, loved the caramel!  It definitely reminded me of a Twix bar, just with a much harder shell/crust.  I used Ghirardelli chocolate for the top layer.  We both agreed that the chocolate was a bit too strong by itself, but paired with the crust, they actually surprisingly balanced each other out.  MigL is such a chocoholic.  He would be more than happy to have just the crust and chocolate.  I’ll have to try that method out soon.  I’m sure he’ll eat much more of it than I will when I make it that way.  However this was definitely the best dessert I’ve ever had; I’ll have to keep this in my repertoire!

Did I mention that I caught the stove on fire while I was baking the crust?  I saw smoke coming out from one of the back burners of the stove, so I peered over it, opened the oven and voila!  Two pieces of crust that had fallen onto the very bottom of the oven were on fire!  I swiftly moved the burning bread out of the way with a knife.  Fire averted!  Phew!


Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmm..... yum! definitely wishin' i had some of that down here. i was having chocolate withdrawals for about 2 weeks, and finally yesterday I broke down, WALKED the half mile to the mall in the heat and bought chocolate. it was worth it :)

Napa Valley Wife said...

Wow! Glad to hear it was worth it :) I'm now starting to believe that chocolate is always worth it. I didn't used to think that even a year ago!

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