Saturday, April 3, 2010

Buy one, get one free

I got so excited when I stopped by the grocery store tonight and read that sign.  I’m being more frivolous with finances more than I’ve ever been before.  We’re on an abnormally tight budget, so when I see things that say buy one, get one free, that’s definitely a steal, especially when it comes to produce, specifically strawberries.  I normally don’t shop at Raley’s, but it’s the closest grocery store near my house, and in my opinion they’re probably a tad bit overrated on their prices.  I’d normally shop at Lucky, but that’s about 10 minutes away.  You be the judge – driving 2 minutes versus 10 for a quick grocery trip?  Plus I only needed to get a couple of essential things.

So yes, I was completely ecstatic when I saw the buy one get one free offer for strawberries at Raley’s.  It was unfortunately the best and only deal that I got during my shopping trip.  I had to pick up some juice, bananas and some pancake mix.  I also decided to pick up some plantains and re-create a recipe that my parents used to make.  I’ll be sure to post that when I make it.

I’ve come to the realization that I’ve bottled my feelings. Not to the extent of blowing up when everything’s up and over my head, thank goodness. Having said that, as of today I’ve started writing down my thoughts about how I’m really feeling about things that are going on in my life.  I need to feel the freedom to be raw.  In the past I used a journal, but that hasn’t seemed to work out very well.  I’ll write in it one day and the next thing you know an entire year has passed by.  Who knew?  It’s so interesting to read about what you’ve written when you’re going through at the time that it’s being written, forasmuch to laugh about the “major drama” that’s been going on.  Other times it’s a reflection about who you are as a person.

I feel like I’ve never been one to completely connect with people and I’ve disliked that part about myself and am determined to improve that.  This week it came to light that I have a disconnect with people.   As I unfolded and talked about it with MigL I was getting very upset at the way that I grew up.  I wish my parents could have done more to enhance my social skills.  I grew up as an only child and had a father who didn’t like to socialize; a mother who wanted to be more sociable, but because it was up to my father when and what time we left functions, she was never really able to truly connect with people.  And because my mom and I are very alike, I think I’ve inherited a bit of her personality.  I’ve sworn to be a better parent to my kids than mine were to me.  Growing up I felt like I never had an opinion of my own and didn’t come to that realization until I went to college.  I slowly started figuring out who I was in college, but I’ve really come to figure out who I really am and want to be since I graduated.  Ugh, so much to figure out and I sometimes hate growing up!  MigL and I got a good laugh out of the conversation – my social skills must be good enough to have at least gotten married!

Welcome to Socialization 101.

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