Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chocolate granola bars are a godsend!

I’m feeling so incredibly tired tonight. I had an amazingly insane day at work. I don’t think I got much actual work done as much as I was on the phone with the help desk for about half of the day. I couldn’t get into the folders I needed to get into; somehow I kept disconnecting the internet (even though I was nowhere near the land line) which prevented me from sending or receiving e-mail; I was unable to connect to the internet which also prevented me from going into the network folders. Ugh! It felt like I was going nowhere, in circles. The WIM (Wine Industry Module) program that I live in had its issues of its own and it was fairly slow. My God, could this day have gotten any slower? I’m glad I didn’t have enough coins to buy something at the vending machine; otherwise I would have gotten Fiber one chocolate barssomething to munch on! However, I did manage to eat a couple of Fiber One Oats & Chocolate granola bars (deliciously amazing!) and completely demolished my Salvadorean candy, leche de burra, a.k.a. donkey’s milk (which isn’t actually made from donkey’s milk). The candy was hard and kept me distracted from all my stress and frustration. The more I chewed, the softer it got. It was divine. I was about to call the help desk yet again, for the 5th time, when I realized it was 4:50 p.m. Was I willing to risk those last precious ten minutes and spend them with the help desk? I think not. I was glad I’d taken a slightly shorter lunch because boy was I ready to go home!

I stopped by the pharmacy, picked up a prescription and off I went to my Weight Watchers meeting. Meetings used to be uplifting, beneficial and worthwhile; lately they’ve been more of a Debbie downer bitch session, mainly from the newbies. There’s this guy (the only guy, I might add) who attends our meetings who’s been on program for about 20 weeks now and talks about things he shouldn’t be eating and only eats about 10 things. OK, really, nothing is off limits, just pick your food wisely, dammit!! And to me, only eating 10 things sounds like a road leading to a plateau. Even if you’re not on a weight loss journey, you still need some variety in your food; otherwise you’ll get bored with it and it’ll lead into food that’s unhealthy and can potentially lead into some bad weight gain. Anyway, this guy seems to take over the meeting and it’s getting pretty damn annoying. I’ve seen the leader try to ease into getting him off his ranting and getting back on topic, but she needs to step it up, take charge and talk about his personal crap after the meeting. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike newbies, as I used to be one, but I didn’t talk about what bad stuff I’d eaten, or what I felt was completely off limits. I now know that I shouldn’t eat potato chips because it’s difficult for me to control portion sizes at times. But c’mon! Meetings are supposed to be encouraging; and like a classroom, there’s a topic/subject, and ways to approach the topic; then there’s a possible, “has anyone had this problem, and if so, how did you go about handling it?” Ugh. I’m so glad I’ve got a buddy who’s on the same boat as I am. She’s been a WW member for a while and like me, is getting sick of this guy. Every time he talks it’s a “oh boy, here we go again” look. I’m going to talk to the leader early at next week’s meeting and let her know she needs to step up the pep factor; I really don’t want to go into some more Debbie downer crap. I’m sure that’s why some people stop going to meetings. If you have some smart, insightful ideas, then by all means, go for it, share those ideas with the group. If you’re struggling with an issue, spill the beans, but not in some 10 minute monologue where at the end of it you’re asking, “What was the question again? or what was the point of that?”.

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