Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pancake disaster

Today has probably been one of the most saddest, semi-disastrous breakfasts ever.

003 I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I stopped by the grocery store, right?  I also picked up some pancake mix, because we were pretty much out and figured that it’ll last us a lot longer – one less fast food item we have to buy, right?

004 For some reason I felt a bit ambitious, mainly because Raley’s didn’t carry the Bisquick pancake mix I normally would have bought.  Hmph!  So I decided to grab a more healthier option for pancake mixes and picked up a box of Fiber One Buttermilk pancakes.  New product that can help increase my daily fiber intake?  Sure, why not.

I wasn’t impressed at all with this pancake mix.  I wish I’d stayed with my Bisquick mix.  I trust it.  It works.  It doesn’t stick.  It doesn’t make my life impossible.  I know that when I place the batter onto the griddle it will turn into perfectly golden-looking pancakes.  When the bubbles begin to pop out, I know that my batter will not be undercooked.  When I take a bite, my mouth melts.  They leave me with a “now THAT was good” happy feeling.

002 Instead when the bubbles began to come out the pancakes came out sticky, gooey and began to fall apart completely when I began to flip them over.  They looked awfully distorted and I began getting frustrated with this pancake mix.  They also tasted a bit dry.  I even decided to substitute the milk for water because I felt that would give it a better taste.  I’m so glad I did!  This was supposed to be a really nice Easter breakfast.  Well at least the scrambled eggs turned out as well as I expected them to, so breakfast wasn’t a complete flop.  I made sure to add some honey and strawberries for an extra kick of moisture and flavor.

Perhaps the next time I’ll try using this mix for waffles?  Now I just need to be creative and find ways to get rid of this stuff.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hope you have a Happy hoppity Easter!


ragazzambulante said...

don't use it as a flour substitute for anything... did i ever tell you my bisquik pizza story?? hahah!

Napa Valley Wife said...

Actually my parents use bisquick as an additional flour substitute for one of their dishes - and it makes the dish taste better!

What's your bisquik pizza story?

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