Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dessert quest: Option 1 – Chocolate Caramel Tart with Sea Salt

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that I’m on a quest to find my “No matter how my day’s been, this will make my day spectacularly better” dessert.

I was looking through some dessert blogs and came across a Chocolate Caramel Tart with Sea Salt dessert.  I’m coming around more to chocolate.  I love caramel.  The blogger calls it a Twix Tart.  I love Twix.  I like a little bit of crust.  THIS sounds like my kind of dessert!

I’ve realized that I, in comparison to MigL, am a messy eater.  I’m perfectly OK with food spilling out the sides (especially with sandwiches, although it is annoying at times), but as long as I’m enjoying it, it’s A-OK.  MigL, on the other hand, would prefer to have his food in those sectioned plates….  No thanks.  Bring on the mess.

So when I saw the following picture on Dessert First, my mouth began to water.  Mmmm, buttery crust.  Chocolate.  Oozy caramel.

chocolate caramel tart with sea salt

Umm, yes please.  I would like another.  OK, really, I hope not because I’d like to keep the calories in check.  But so far it looks amazingly delicious!

I’ll try to make this dessert this weekend and let you know whether or not this dessert is a keeper and my new go-to dessert; although, it sounds like the crust will take a bit of work.  I suppose I’ll know soon enough whether it’s worth it!


Trisha said...

How fun! I love food blogs and this recipe looks amazing. =)

Andrea said...

Wow, that looks really good!

Napa Valley Wife said...

Andrea and Trisha: I hope it turns out well! I'm amazed at how many food blogs there are - the food options are endless! :)

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