Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Under the weather with the Three Little Bears

100924-211635 You know how you can just feel when you're getting sick?  That’s what I felt yesterday. Ugh.  I really hate being sick.  My daily bedtime goal is 10 p.m. but have yet to stick to a full week of 10 p.m.  Because I felt I could be getting sick (and feeling some chills), I made myself crawl into bed at 9:15.  “I don’t feel well.”  “I know honey, you’ve already said that.”  “I have?” “I’m cold.” “Let’s get you into bed and tuck you in.”  “OK.”  “I don’t feel good.”  Yep, definitely on an off day.

I probably didn’t fall asleep until 10 anyway, but I knew I tossed and turned a little.  Thinking I’d sleep until my alarm went off, as usual, I set my alarm to go off at 6:15.  I slept like a dream.  It wasn’t until the morning came and I slowly began to wake up and felt like I’d gotten a good night’s sleep.  I turned over to check the time on the clock. 5:30 a.m.  What?!  It’s only 5:30?  For the next 10 minutes, I really tried to go back to sleep; but much to my chagrin, I couldn’t.  Well, I suppose 7 hours it is.  Hmph.

Today I felt like many a three little bears.  It’s too hot.  It’s too cold.  And the “ahh” moment. 

It began as another cold day in the building.  Of course, everyone was cold.  But I was freezing.  I clenched and  my green coat hoping it would provide more heat, just as a warm blanket would.  Then I was warm, hot, then cold and felt as if I were a wet piece of clothing going through the dryer cycle sent with shots of November cold air.  Chills began creeping throughout my body.  Two Advil please.  I thought I would feel better by lunch time.  I know Advil works great and does wonders for me, but I was doubtful it’d work a miracle in 30 minutes.  I wasn’t even hungry and hadn’t been for the last day. “I think can make it until two”.  I was expecting a phone call for a work project at two and decided if I didn’t feel well, I’d come home.  The phone call didn’t come through until 2:45.  Cold.  Hot.  Warm. Dizzy. Sleepy.  I’m definitely not myself.  It was time to leave early before I got worse or got anyone else sick.  I had an epiphany early this morning that one of my co-workers was sick.  Surely I must have gotten sick from him.

The building temperature at work has been too hot, too cold.  Since I began working there, whenever it gets cold, the AC is on.  When it’s blazing hot outside, it’s hot inside.  I hope we can get a “perfect” temperature soon.

The ahh moment came when I crawled into bed for some much needed rest after my body was telling me it wanted to shut down on the drive home.  An hour and a half later, I woke up hot and sweaty.  Yep, utterly disgusting.  I walked into the living room and slowly began waking up again while watching Say Yes to the Dress re-runs through Comcast’s On Demand service.

My sweet husband went and grabbed some dinner of which I only ate half, not because I’m not mindful about portion sizes, because I am.  But only eating half of a burger and 1 or 2 fries and a sip of OJ?  On a normal day I would have eaten half of a tray of fries and the entire burger, minus the OJ.  I gotta get some Vitamin C at least one way, right? 

Time to finish watching the last part of Glee.  How could I almost forget it’s on tonight?

Sweet dreams to all of you and may you have a healthy day tomorrow.

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