Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hey Pumpkin!

Last weekend we invited some friends over for an incredibly late breakfast (12:30 p.m.) and pumpkin carving.  This would be the first time my friend T and I would carve our first pumpkin.  Can you believe it - at 27 years old, our first pumpkin carving?  Well you’d better believe it.


T’s pumpkin carving


My pumpkin carving

Don’t they look great?  I made éclairs for the first time on Sunday, which I’m planning on making again on Thursday for my work Halloween party.  Thanks to Paula Deen the Mini Éclairs were great and were very easy to make!  I’ll post pictures when I make them this coming week.

T made some awesome crepes and we also had fresh fruit and pumpkin pancakes.  I would have loved to have tried the pumpkin pancakes, but I’d filled up on crepes & fruit and was incredibly full.

I don’t know why it took me this long to find a local produce stand.  I suppose I hadn’t really tried looking for a place, even though I really had the desire to support local farms.  We had such a great time at D&S Produce.  I’m a bit sad to find out they’re closing their season October 31.

Look at all those pumpkins!  T & I went through the hay maze and all of us looked through the lot to find some great pumpkins.



009Who’s the king of the world?

We came home and were so excited to carve our pumpkins.






After some pumpkin pie and lots of dishes later, it was all worth the fun.  I can’t wait to someday to go through corn/hay mazes with my kids, carve pumpkins, eat pumpkin pie and go trick-or-treating and see those big smiles on their faces.  It will be a great day indeed!


Andrea said...

Looks fun!!! We're going to do one this year with Evan. This post also reminded me that I was going to make pumpkin bread today. Thanks!

Napa Valley Wife said...

Yay! Hopefully Evan has a good time enjoying playing with pumpkins. How'd your pumpkin bread turn out?

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