Thursday, January 7, 2010

Good eats for tonight

So I was really hungry tonight for dinner.  I’m so sick and tired of take-out food (mainly Taco Bell) that I decided to go to the grocery store and get some stuff for salad.  I went ahead and still got something for the hubby at Mickey D’s;  I was going to get their Chicken Caesar Salad minus the cheese, except that their salads come pre-made with cheese.  Phmh. 

DSC03330 So I decided instead to head over to Raley’s and get some better healthy stuff.  So what’d I have for dinner? I’m calling it my Blueberry Radish Salad.  I made a plate filled with Veggie lover’s salad mix, grape tomatoes, radishes and blueberries.  It sounds like an odd combo, but the colors looked pretty.  Hey at least it kept me full and it virtually has no calories.  Hooray!  And it actually didn’t taste too bad either.


Andrea said...

That sounds good...I love the idea of throwing in blueberries. I know strawberries taste good in a salad, oh and pineapple!

Napa Valley Wife said...

Blueberries were actually the only fruit I had in the house at the time, so I decided to toss it in. I've never tried pineapple a salad, unless it was a fruit salad. Thanks for the tip! I really enjoy strawberries in salads although I don't have that combination often enough.

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