Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh reality TV!

Giuliana and BillSo I’m winding down by watching the reality show Giuliana & Bill.  How did I get roped into watching this show?  I’m not quite sure, but it’s kind of hilarious watch. Perhaps it’s because it’s another single couple living their lives, just like MigL and I are, except without all of the luxuries.    It’s kind of annoying to see how easily they drop money on stuff.  For example in the episode I just watched, Giuliana wants to convince Bill to like Los Angeles, so she buys him a Harley Davidson bike.  Just like that.  Who does that?  I guess people with a crap load of money!  Must be nice.  Wish I could do that – although I don’t think I’d buy a Harley.  Maybe. :) It would be kind of fun to ride in a Harley throughout the Napa Valley.  Note to self – rent a bike for a few hours…hopefully it won’t cost too much moola!

On a different note, I didn’t know a new season of Biggest Loser started tonight!  Bummer!  I wish I would have known to see it from the beginning of the first hour.  It’s a few minutes past 9:00 p.m. and the show goes from 8-10 p.m. Oh well, at least I’m watching it now. 

I’ve enjoyed watching past seasons because you learn so much about so many different things.  It also helps that I’m still in the process of losing weight and getting healthier and watching them validates the work I’m doing to live a better life.  On the flip side, it’s daunting to see that these people are a reflection of what the majority of our American population looks  like.  It makes me sad to see that food has become a way of nurturing ourselves from various things and situations and it has made us unaware of what portion sizes really look like.  And unfortunately that’s the way that some people deal with their lives.

In my case, growing up, I didn’t know what a portion size was.  I ate because the food was in front of me, I was hungry enough to fill my entire plate, on occasion it was served for me, and it was looked down upon to leave food on my plate.  A good portion of the home made food was fried – although in my immediate family, we tried not to eat too much fried food.  However, I did deter some weight gain and was able to mostly maintain when I was younger by playing sports – mainly playing tennis with my dad.  In high school I was on the varsity tennis team.  Fast forward a few years and I begin a weight loss program that works.  I’ve lost nearly 60 pounds and I’m on the road to a healthy lifestyle.  I know what a portion size is and should be.  I know now to eat until I’m full – not stuffed, but satisfied.  Some days I still struggle with that, but then again, nobody’s perfect.  Anyway, here’s to happy and healthy living!

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